Odorox Videos

About Odorox

Odorox has an interesting and unique history that has led to one of the most advanced technologies available today.

Learn how Odorox and its team have created history and more.

Duration: 10min36sec

Hydroxyl Benefits

Explore the benefits of Hydroxyls, the fundamentals of how they work and the types of environments best suited for maintenance.

Duration: 2min58sec

Case Studie

Tallowmasters Case Study

Tallowmasters, a rendering plant located in Florida, USA, has been fighting to control and maintain a severe odour problem associated with the standard industry process of rendering its products.

Learn how Tallowmasters has successfully overcome these problems and more, to surprising results.

Duration: 7min32sec

In the News

ABC: Go Green, Save Green

An ABC evening news report focusing on the benefits of use of Odorox Hydroxyls.

Source: youtube

Duration: 2min11sec

CBS News Report

A CBS evening news report focusing on the benefits of using a Odorox Hydroxyl generator to remove cigarette smoke odours.

Duration: 3min15sec

On Youtube

Fire Damage

Odorox machine removed all the smoke odor from these porcelain dolls in just 15 hours time. Without this process these dolls may have been destroyed.

Duration: 3min49sec

Structure Fire Odor

Day Two: Testing Odorox on Structure

Duration: 2min06sec

Contents Fire Odor

Day Two: Testing Odorox on Contents

Duration: 2min59sec