Disaster Restoration

ODOROX® hydroxyl generators effectively eliminate odors from fire, smoke, sewage, water damage, VOCs, chemical fumes, biohazard, skunk and any other unpleasant odor. The ODOROX® equipment is safe for people, animals, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, electronics, sensitive materials and wet items. ODOROX® hydroxyl generators are more effective than ozone, chemicals, filters, foggers, scrubbers and masking agents.

Complete Jobs Faster, Be More Competitive, Increase Profits

  • Lower the amount insurance companies have to pay while simultaneously increasing your profits and creating new streams of revenue
  • Decontaminate previously considered unsalvageable items
  • Reduce or eliminate the bill for Additional Living Expenses (ALE)
  • Reduce or eliminate costly business interruption
  • Reduce amount insurers pay for replacing contents
  • Uses no chemicals and leaves no residue
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Operates using less than 2 amps

ODOROX® hydroxyl generators are ideal for:

  • Fire Restoration – protein, soot, grease, plastic, natural
  • Water Damage Restoration – sewage backup and flood
  • Mold Remediation – kills mold and eliminates odor
  • Odor Removal – smoke, pets, mildew, dead animals, chemical fumes
  • Trauma Scene and Biohazard – odor abatement, bacteria and virus eradication
  • Use for deodorizing contents including soft furniture, clothing & draperies
  • Wherever odor, bacteria or mold fighting systems are needed
  • The ODOROX® hydroxyl generators allow disaster restoration companies to complete their jobs faster and more effectively. This leads to happier clients, a lower claim for the insurance company, all while increasing profits for the restoration company. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our Products!

ODOROX® has designed a number of different products to work in a wide variety of industries and uses. The technology has been applied in slightly different ways so that the applicable machine will work on the intended task and the unit will be a size and structure to fit the environment. Please review the products listed and speak to an authorized ODOROX® distributor who will gladly answer any questions you have about a specific product or use.